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Meet The Team

Welcome to BB Beauty Lounge! Our team provides you with top-quality care through a combination of extensive medical expertise and a passion for aesthetics. Our diverse backgrounds in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Integrated Health, Pediatrics, Hospital settings, Behavioral Health, Quality and Compliance, Consultation, and Medical Aesthetics ensure that you receive the best possible treatments tailored to your unique needs.

Emily Ichikawa, Medical Director and Family Nurse Practitioner

Emily Ichikawa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as our Medical Director and Family Nurse Practitioner. With a strong foundation in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine, Emily leads our team with a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail. Her integrated approach to health ensures that each client receives comprehensive and personalized care.

Kelly Wiebelhaus, RN

Kelly Wiebelhaus, a Registered Nurse, has a diverse background in Behavioral Health, Education, Primary Care, Compliance and Legal Consultation. Her holistic approach to care, combined with her expertise in Medical Aesthetics, allows her to create customized treatment plans that address both the physical and emotional well-being of our clients. Kelly's passion for her work is evident in every consultation and treatment she performs.

Kelly Longaker, RN (KLo)

Kelly Longaker, is a skilled Registered Nurse with a background in Pediatrics and Aesthetics. Her gentle touch and extensive training in Medical Aesthetics make her a favorite among clients. Kelly's dedication to quality and compliance ensures that all treatments are safe, effective, and meet the highest standards.

Dr. Robin Glicksman, Doctor of Behavioral Health with an Integrated Specialty, Owner

Robin Glicksman, the visionary behind BB Beauty Lounge, has brought together a team of licensed medical professionals who share her passion for beauty and wellness in a one-stop-shop. With a focus on creating a culture of fun, family, diligence, and collaboration, Robin ensures that every client feels valued and receives individualized care that exceeds their expectations.

Our Philosophy

At BB Beauty Lounge, we are bringing the medicine back into aesthetics. We absolutely love what we do! We pride ourselves on creating a culture that blends fun, family, diligence, and care in a collaborative environment. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing personalized treatments that cater to your unique needs and preferences, combined with our clinical recommendations for the best outcomes.

All of our treatment providers are licensed medical professionals with specialty training and certifications in the services they perform. We use only FDA-approved treatments, ensuring the highest level of safety and effectiveness. Our commitment to excellence and our diverse range of clinical, medical, and licensing experience make BB Beauty Lounge the premier choice for your medspa needs.

We value each and every client and look forward to helping you achieve your beauty and wellness goals. Welcome to the BB Beauty Lounge family!

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